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Client Content Management

Website Content Management | Client Created Content

You and your team have the copy and information for your site update but want to hand it off to an expert? We can help you.

    • We’ll reformat, edit and optimize your content for web consumption and SEO. Yes, content for the web IS different than content developed for print, press releases, fliers and posters etc.
    • We’ll update it to your site as a new post or page revision for you.
    • We’ll update your home page featured content presentation.
    • We’ll update your calendar if applicable.
    • If you like we’ll even take it a step further and broadcast it via your social media, email, press release and traditional media channels for you.

Difficulty doing the content development?     Content Creation Services

Content Management Plans

  Basic Professional Enterprise
Plans Available $85 per month* $275 per month* $650 per month*
Optimize & Update your Post or Page 1 4 12
Update Events Calendar 1 4 Unlimited**
Update Home Page Featured Content Placement(s) 1 4 12
Update Photo Gallery - 12 pics / 1 gallery 50 pics / 2 galleries
Trackable, Optimized QR code creation 1 4 12
Add Page(s) - 2 4
Add Form(s) - 2 4
Broadcast updates via Your Social Media Channels -
Broadcast updates via your Email channel - -
Broadcast updates via press release - -
  Purchase Purchase Purchase


* Agreements are for minimum six month periods (Read More)
  1. All Content Marketing Plans require a Maintenance Plan. (Sorry, we cannot update websites that are not being maintained)
  2. We can tailor a plan to suited to your specific needs.
  3. ** Assumes your own sponsored or co-sponsored events not a “community” calendar inclusive of others events.
  4. Your content must be in an editable, digital format.
  5. Contracted updates are for a given month and do not “roll over” to the following month.
  6. Email broadcast – assumes your content and your established email/newsletter format. Reformatting and campaign development available.
  7. Content marketing consulting, strategy and plan development development available.
  8. Graphics development available.
  9. HTML email formatting, campaign development and management available.
  10. Spanish translation services available.

Plans Detail:

Optimize & Update Your Post or Page

Send us your copy content along with any links, images, graphics or other media. We’ll optimize and format it for readability, usability and SEO. We’ll then post it and interlink it as well.

Update Home Page Featured Content Placement

Often though not always clients want their home page featured content images, graphics, promo copy updated to highlight updated website content, announcements or events. We’ll take care of this for you.

Trackable, Optimized QR code creation

QR codes are the single best way to provide a conduit from your print promotions to your website via your audience cell phones and tablets. Not all QR’s are equal. We’ll provide you trackable, optimized QR codes for your updates, events and/or promotions.

Add Forms

Simple forms are… well, simple. We can handle the trickier, more complex forms development for you as well including registration and payment. *

Broadcast updates via Your Email Channel

We’ll format and optimize your content into your established HTML formatted email program. Reformatting and email marketing plan development available.

Update Your Events Calendar

With your event detail we’ll create a post with your events full detail. We’ll then update your calendar listing interlinking to the post for “more information”.

Update Photo Gallery

Forward your event photos and we’ll update your existing gallery or create a new one.

Add Pages

With your content we’ll reformat and optimize your content. We’ll then add your new page to the site, update the site navigation and update any other site interlinking.

Broadcast updates via Your Social Media Channel(s)

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Whatever existing social media channels you have we’ll update introducing your latest website content update including important linking back to your site for “more information”.

Broadcast updates via press release

We will reformat and optimize your content for both print media outlets and web media outlets referencing your updated web content including QR code. We will then broadcast on your behalf.

* Complex forms within reason. <25 questions and 6 conditional statements. More complex forms available.
** Email contact schedule plan development available.
*** HTML email template(s) development available.

Content Marketing and Development Services

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Content Marketing
Planning & Management

There’s a right way to do this and it’s called Integrated Content Marketing. Make your Website, Social Media, Email Marketing, Print, Traditional Media, Direct Mail, SEO and SEM work together in concert leveraging each channels strengths.

Content Development

You don’t have the time or in-house talent for search optimized copy creation, event/calendar updating, updating featured content on your home page, graphics development, photography or video capture. We can do it all including forms, maps, registration, payment capture and more.

Spanish Translation
With Quality

Tambien hablamos Español.
A specialty of ours. Most developers do this badly and by extension most websites you’ll run into. If you’re serious about reaching and engaging this community we have the in-house expertise to do this right.

Social Media
Planning & Management

Is your Social Media strategy working in concert with your other channels or in a silo. Assistance developing an integrated strategy and marketing calendar, expert help on ongoing management of your program or both. We can help you.

Email Marketing
Planning & Management

You may have a plan for Acquisition but what is your plan for retention? We can help you develop your contact schedule that dovetails with your marketing calendar. In addition to consulting and strategy development we can run it for you also.

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