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Responsive Web Design

No, we’re not for everyone.

We may be for you though.

Choosing the right web developer is key. How you communicate with, engage and service your current and potential customers ONLINE is only becoming more and more central to your brand and your business. Therefore who you partner with to help you tell your story and project your brand online is a key business relationship. This is an important journey we take on with clients. If online communications, client engagement and your brand are important to you, it’s important to us too. If you’re just looking for something

“quick-n-easy”… we’re probably not for you.*
Our core focus is on quality communications, compelling content and audience engagement. Your website, as important and perhaps involved as it may be… it’s still just a tool set. It needs to deliver intended, measurable results. All the various aspects that go into web development are valued only to the extent that they contribute to these measurable objectives, or distract.

Web Design from the content out

The architect Louis Sullivan said “form follows function”. We believe this to be true for web design as well. We believe it is your message and your content that drives the decision making process. It is your message and content that will ultimately have the greatest influence on attaining your fullest potential online. We don’t start with wire-frames, graphics, layouts, or templates. We start with a conversation.

We start with your message, your content and use that as our guide. We build around where you are, where you want to go and we’ll work to help get you there. We don’t build pretty packages that are hollow inside or try to squeeze your content into its shape.

Data Informed Decision Making

Too often it seems websites are developed as platforms for creative self expression. We’re marketers. In fact our background is in database marketing. These are analytics and numbers driven disciplines. We love numbers… particularly when they’re trending positive. You’re website needs to perform a range of measurable tasks. It should be attractive and engaging of course but these are not the ends in themselves.

You most likely want an improving engagement and conversion rate on your targeted, measurable objectives. All our web development projects include analytics. We’ll introduce you and provide initial training if you’re not already familiar. We’re all about capturing the available information for data informed decision making. Further, we provide additional services if you need consulting to parse through all the data to determine leading-indicator KPIs (key performance indicators) and what is actionable.

Responsive Web Design

This is happening right now. More and more your current and potential audience is choosing to get their information and engage with product and service providers via their smart phone or tablet. They’re down the street. They’re attending your event.

They’re waiting in your office. Responsive web design is what we do. Websites optimized for the full range of phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and that web enabled large screen on your wall… we can make sure your message is presented well.

* We do some fixing of clumsy, poorly executed or neglected websites that clients bring to us… if they’re not too bad.

If you have one of these poorly executed or broken “quick-n-easy websites” contact us, we might be able to help. Normal service charges apply.
Can you fix my broken “Quick and Easy website?

We expect you to be picky.
So are we.

Are we good together?

You:  (most of our clients…)

  • Have an ongoing, evolving story to tell.
  • Want the easiest means possible to self-manage their own content
  • Are content rich – or at least have the desire to be. There is a lot they need to communicate.
  • Have a business/organization that requires regularly updating their client/audience messaging.
  • Have events, a calendar, ongoing promotions.
  • Your offering and/or marketplace is experiencing rapid evolution that needs to be communicated.
  • Need to reach your increasingly online, mostly mobile audience.
  • Recognize the central nature of their web presence to their other marketing and communications channels.
  • Recognize that serious, professional web development is not a once-n-done proposition.
  • Like puppies and long walks on the beach.


  • Specialize in content-centric WordPress CMS web design, hugely popular precicely because of it’s ease of use.
  • Specialize in the art of storytelling and audience engagement via web technologies
  • Love events, calendars, promotions and updated content we can optimize and work with
  • Love event, tourism, arts & entertainment marketers
  • Love educational, advocacy, professional and community service providers
  • Love manufacturers and service providers in evolving markets
  • Like puppies and long walks on the beach too!
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