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NHS of Beloit

Their Need:

NHS needs to make the very best use of finite resources. They need to serve, communicate with and provide educational opportunities to the community with continually updated messages. Having had a site that was mostly static they needed a CMS (content management system) that allowed them the ability to update their site as easily and inexpensively as possible. Given the number of news, information and calendar updates they wanted to be able to update their content themselves so they needed as easy to use back-end best suited for non-techies.

Mobile Optimization:

NHS needed “Responsive” web design. The “digital divide” is shrinking as a result of the expanding use of tablets and smart phones in particular. The growing percentage of those who access the web mostly or exclusively via mobile devices made having a site optimized for mobile a priority. RWM built a “responsive” site.

Calendar Presentation:

Like virtually all such organizations that offer educational or event based services the calendar is central to much of their online communication. It must provide for rich content, multiple search and sort options and again be as easy to operate as possible.

News & Updates Blog:

The story of NHS is not a static one. It continues to evolve as the needs of the community evolve and their services offered likewise adapt to changing needs and conditions. RWM incorporated their “News and Updates” blog updates as a primary and integral aspect of the site. Training and ongoing coaching so that NHS staff is comfortable with updating their content is all part of the deal.

Control over web content:

NHS wanted to have direct access and control over their website content. RWM provided an open-source, non-proprietary CMS solution which now allow NHS full ownership control of their website to update their content themselves, delegate internally or outsource as they choose. No handcuffs here.

  • Type:
    Public / Community Services
  • Client:
    NHS of Beloit
    (Neighborhood Housing Services)
  • Website:
  • Intro:
    NHS of Beloit (Neighborhood Housing Services) has been working hard to provide much needed services to the community. Like many such organizations they were looking for ways to reach new families and individuals who might benefit from their services. Further NHS needed to better provide information and engagement to the community while taking advantage of the reach and economy afforded by communicating via an improved web presence and messaging.
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