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Rock Walworth Head Start

Their Need:

Still, they recognized how imperative the need their communities and parents along with their own internal staff had for access to information. It needed to be as comprehensive as possible, current and directly updatable by RWCFS themselves.

Distributing this information online is not only more cost effective but it is the mode of choice for increasing numbers of consumers and internal staff when they’re looking for information.

Mobile Optimization:

RWCFS recognized that while parents may or may not have a computer at home or at work they likely do have one in their purse or pocket.

The increasingly ubiquitous web-enabled smart phone means parents do in fact access information online if it is available and convenient.

As such RWCFS needed a light weight site that was fully optimized for both Android and Apple platform smart phones and tablets.

Bi-lingual Focus:

Importantly, RWCFS needed their website to be fully and functionally bi-lingual.

It is widely recognized that most social services, municipal and other public service websites either ignore the Spanish speaking community or do this poorly by simply dropping in a “machine translation” plugin and moving on.

All such quick-n-easy solutions are significantly flawed and are of limited value.

Resonate Web Marketing prides itself in it’s extensive research and website development to provide the most effective bi-lingual solutions for our clients. It is a service few others provide and fewer still provide with quality.

Control over web content:

The ability to update content on their website was also a priority for RWCFS. The ability to update their own website easily provides multiple benefits primarily in the area of choice.

  • Managers can choose to update their own content, delegate or outsource if and when they choose.
  • Updating content themselves can mean greater immediacy in updating content
  • There can be considerable cost savings over having to have internal or external “IT personnel” make such updates.

Additional development / content management:

  • Complete re-branding
  • Calendar development
  • Secure password accessible staff and board content areas
  • Extensive documents archiving for both client families as well as internal staff
  • Completely re-engineered their content organization
  • Head Start center locations presentation re-engineered
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