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Beloit Film Festival | 2012

Their Need

Significant customization was required to meet all these needs as well as allow for future expansion. Resonate and WordPress were able to meet these huge demands.

  • Web Design & CMS (Content Management System) – An architecture, presentation and navigation to allow as intuitive and easily accessed information as possible. This given the sheer volume of content.
  • Program Schedule – A program schedule presentation that was intuitive, content rich and deeply integrated with other website content.
  • Performance – Quick, easy, intuitive preview of film content and ticket purchasing.
  • Social Media Integration – Highly integrated social media integration with a broad array of online communities.
  • Nimbleness – The ability to quickly and easily accommodate frequent and rapid content updates.
  • Branding – Consistent branding across all social media channels.
  • Foster Communication – Effective communication and service with filmmakers.
  • Analytics – They needed to be able to track performance and have the data to provide informed future decision making.

BIFF and the website was a blazing success, drawing national and international attention and significantly enhancing the brand image of the event.

  • Type:
    Arts & Entertainment / Tourism
  • Client:
    Beloit Film Festival | 2012
  • Intro:
    The event marketer BIFF, The Beloit International Film Festival is now in its seventh year. It's a hugely popular regional event gaining national attention. It is also a hugely complex event involving 140 films, fifteen venues, four days, hundreds of volunteers, dozens of sponsors etc. etc. The sheer volume of information including media that needed to be managed required a nimble, flexible and robust platform and architecture.
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