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Beloit School District News

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    Education / Community Service
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    Beloit School District
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    Is the purpose of your website informational, teaching or education? You have some unique needs.

    The School District of Beloit’s needs for communication are considerably more dynamic and content-rich than more conventional “brochure” website design or even e-commerce. A quick succession of copy, photos, video, multi-media, brief updates and larger, integrated multi-channel messages; all needed to be accommodated and integrated with both other school district websites as well as social media and more. Seamless integration into an existing and growing ecosystem of both web based and traditional communications channels was paramount. A static, updatable “brochure” style website could never hold up to the demands.

    Any site looks nice when it’s new and as long as no one touches it after launch. The true test for an information website is this. How does it look, how does it function over time. Set-it-forget-it does not work well for most online entities. Many many websites simply break down over time.

    Proven time and again, post-launch service and expertise, this is what Resonate delivers.
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