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Society Learning Unlimited


Society for Learning Unlimited – SLU

SLU was in a bad spot. They had an old website built with a technology that was good for it’s day. That day was long past though and that technology used was best suited for static “brochure” websites. They didn’t need a “website”, they needed a CMS or Content Management System.

Their need was for an alive, dynamic, easily up-datable web presence not a static “Website”. This distinction is important and frequently missed by those who simply express an interest in “getting a website up”. While they might look similar to those unfamiliar, the two are vastly different.

SLU’s need was for the ability to quickly, easily and inexpensively update their ever evolving program events, descriptions, listing and calendar. Further, they wanted to keep the visual presentation as unchanged as possible for their audience while improving the content timeliness, presentation and site functionality. So while the site looks much the same as always it is dramatically improved in it functionality and usability.

  • Migration To CMS Platform – We completely rebuilt the site on WordPress. Upon completion we handed them all their owner/admin account numbers, logins and passwords for self management. No handcuffs here. They’ll continue to work with us as they choose, not as they’re tied.
  • Flexibility and ease of updating – The speed and convenience of updating their new web presence is dramatic and significantly lightens the burden on finite volunteer time and resources.
  • Program Presentation – The timeliness, richness of program content and integration has been significantly improved.
  • Events Calendar Presentation – An attractive, dynamic and content rich program calendar was added.
  • Training – Initial training and ongoing assistance provided to ease transition and help them ramp up to self-sufficiency.
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