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N.W. Business Network


The Northwest Business Network | Chicago Suburbs

An all too common and difficult predicament. Here again we were introduced to an organization that had paid good money for web development only to find that at the end of the day they had NO direct access to or control over their own web assets and a web developer that was now unreachable, out of business or other.

Their longstanding organization they’d worked years to build and was very successful was unfortunately tied to an online presence that diminished what they’d built yet had no control to correct. Sad to say, after extended efforts we never were able to return direct ownership control back to them. We had to start from the beginning with new URLs and hosting. Too bad. Don’t let this happen to you.

NWBN had basic needs:

  • Ownership – Client has direct ownership control to manage themselves, delegate or outsource as they choose to do.
  • Online Branding – A clean, professional, intuitive and informative website. Extending their brand online.
  • Communication – The basics of what, when, where, for who and how to participate
  • Member directory – Flexible and easy enough for them to manage on their own.
  • Calendar – The ability to update a calendar with new events as needed
  • Visitor Inquiry – Make it easy for visitors to contact them for information requests.
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